Maldonado Painters

The right equipment for your paint project.

Our main goal is to help families like yours, bring color to your home and ultimately make it look beautiful. We work to give our customers 100% satisfaction with the money they invest in painting their home and the quality of the work performed. We want to give you the best price for high quality workmanship and materials! That's why our motto is "No need to pay until the job is complete!". In addition to our motto, each of our jobs is 100% guaranteed! Let us fill your home, inside and out, with beautiful colors. We have over 10 years of experience, we paint interior and exterior homes, stores, buildings, construction, everything related to painting. We do a job under conditions with our customers, we are one of the best options for painting in georgia.

We will exceed ANY written estimate.

Maldonado Painters is a complete interior painting company, exterior painting, commercial, residential, as well as removing wallpaper from walls and installing vinyl and laminate flooring.

New color, new adventures, new memories.

Most homeowners invest a lot of energy and thought into large residential or commercial painting projects, so we work closely with our clients. We will help them achieve the look they desire. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions throughout the process.

Having the skills and knowledge necessary to handle different paints ensures that a painter completes the job well, make sure clear communication channels have been discussed and established. It helps the job progress smoothly for both parties.

We offer free estimates for any project you wish to undertake.